#1. Arizona faces numerous problems

One part of being a social studies teacher is one needs to keep up on local, state, and national issues, debates, and legislation so the teacher can effectively teach the how and why something is being proposed or debated. As I watch the legislature in Phoenix, I’ve come to a realization that if I want to make the changes I fell will benefit my students, their families, their communities, and the entire state of Arizona, I will need to do more than just teach and discuss the process. I will need to become a part of it.

It is with that, among other things, including a discussion with my wife and family, that I decided to run the Arizona State House. I know it will be a long and hard journey, but I truly believe if voters are as fed up with politicians that control the legislature using their positions in office to enhance enrich their donors and themselves while ignoring the needs of the people of Arizona, they need to be replaced.

Think about this for a moment. What will help you pay the bills more; the state legislature spending millions of your tax dollars rehashing an election from 2020 or spending that same tax money on our schools, roads, hospitals, and everything else they have ignored for decades? What will enable you take care of your children better; arguing over something the state has little to no control over, such as immigration, or arguing over something we do have control over, such as health care for all Arizonans?

Right now, we are fighting in Arizona a battle of division vs. a battle of unity. For example, the right to marry is an inherent right of all people. All adults have the right to marry. The Republicans vigorously opposed the right of people who are LGBTQ to marry, but no heterosexual marriage ever ended because a LGBTQ couple got married If any heterosexual marriage ended solely because two LGBTQ people getting married, the heterosexual marriage had huge problems before that.

Republicans have been saying for years gun control means people will take your guns away. Arizona didn’t fall apart with sensible gun legislation and no one came for your guns. Not one gun was taken from anyone by anyone in any level of government, except under police action due to criminal acts. Joe Biden isn’t taking your guns. Janet Napolitano didn’t take any guns. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton didn’t take any guns. The scare tactics was a lie and has always been one.

Arizona legalized marijuana. Those who fought against it claimed Arizona would fall into lawlessness. It hasn’t happened. After all the arguing over everything the Republicans said would destroy Arizona, the sky didn’t fall. These scare tactics need to stop. They are offensive to you and insulting to the intelligence.

Arizona is quickly becoming a complete national embarrassment due to the actions of the Republicans in Phoenix. Joel John is one of those Republicans, though he may try to distance himself from them on the election trail and run to the center, only to pivot back to the extreme right-wing of his after the election. He claims he is bi-partisan, but votes straight Republican. I will say one thing: when his donor buy him, he stays bought.

However, let’s not give him that chance. Let work together to make sure Joel John is a single term representative that, by his webpage, only seems to represent agri-business, mining interests, the NRA, and the QAnon/conspiracy theorist wing of the Republican Party, the same people who brought you the attack on the US Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

Charlene Fernandez needs another Democrat beside her from District Four to lead the state out of the quagmire the Republicans have put us in for decades. I ask for your support and vote to become the District’s other Democratic representative.

Thank you for reading.

Published by Katz4AZHouse

I am running as a Democrat for the Arizona State House for LD4

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