#4. Health Care from other countries

I’ve lived in three other countries in my life. Let me describe my experiences with you when dealing with the health care industry in those countries:

South Korea: I pinched a nerve in my lower back. I took my “alien registration card,” my passport and had an ambulance take me to the local private hospital about two miles from my apartment in Suji. I spent three days in the hospital with three squares a day, physical therapy, private room, and a private nurse. Their single-payer health care cost me, in American money, about $15. The post hospital brand name medication prescribed to me cost $3 out of pocket. No health care rationing as Republicans say, no “bringing your own toilet paper” as AM Radio liked to say, no government oversight or approval of anything. I worked solely with my doctor.

China: I got gallstones. Went to the hospital with my wife. My father-in-law drove. This isn’t a huge city like Shanghai. This is a fourth tier city: Danyang. Give a shot of Demerol to kill the pain, CAT Scan, private consultation with the doctor, and a prescription of pain killer if the pain should come back. Out of pocket: Less than $100. Jiangsu government paid the rest.

Malaysia: I was stung by a mosquito and contracted Dengue Fever when living in Petaling Jaya, just outside Kuala Lumpur. Four days in a hospital, IVs, fluid, medication, prescriptions and follow-up care. Total out of pocket: $35. No government interference, not health insurance approval needed. Just go, get taken care of immediately, go home.

USA: I developed sleep apena and needed a sleep study. Contacted my primary care as a gatekeeper and had to wait seven weeks to see the PCP. I then needed to wait and get approval from health insurance company for the sleep study. That took two weeks. Got the approval, waited four weeks for the results and the doctor’s recommendation for the CPAP. Needed to wait for the health insurance company to approve, which took another three weeks. Then had to wait two weeks to have the device company contact me. Then had to wait another week for the device to finally arrive. Got the bill before the CPAP even arrived.

Please explain to me how our health care is the best in the world. In third world nations, you meet with the doctor, get the work done, get healthy, and go home. You pay some, but it’s fast, efficient, and customer service based. Here. . .it took fifteen weeks to do a simply sleep study.

Joel John supports this because insurance companies make huge profits on human misery and support people like Mr. John to keep the broken system the same, and people like Mr. John, who are bought and paid for by these industries, will turn a blind eye to the abuses and inefficiency that break the system even worse. It leads one to a logical question: How can a country that has four times the population and 1/3 the doctors have a more efficient system of medical care than we do in the “wealthiest country in the history of the world?”

District Four and Arizona deserves someone who will fight Big Pharma, Big Medical companies, and Big Insurance to make them more responsive to people and not profits. Arizonans deserve the same health care plan the governor has simply because we are the boss and its our tax dollars that pay for his health care. Arizonans deserve better medical care so people can work more with their doctors and less with insurance companies. The 9th amendment states that people have more rights than the ones listed in the Bills of Rights. Health Care is a right of all people.

Aram Katz believes this and will fight to make sure all Arizonans have the same medical plan the governor of the state has.

Help put Aram Katz in the State House in November 2022. Contribute to the campaign so we can run Arizona right at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022 and sign the petition to put Aram Katz on the 2022 ballot at https://go.azsos.gov/pzgd.

Thank you for reading and supporting Katz For House.

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I am running as a Democrat for the Arizona State House for LD4

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