#8. Arizona’s Water Problem

The seven state Colorado Protocol was signed in 1922. Let’s look at the population of all seven states in the 1920 census:

AZ: 340K

CA: 3.4M

NV: 77.5K

NM: 360K

CO: 940K

UT: 450K

WY: 195K

TOTAL: Almost 5.8M.

Let’s look at the population of the 2020 census:

AZ: 7.2M

CA: 39.6M

NV: 3.1M

NM: 2.1M

CO: 5.8M

UT: 3.3M

WY: 576K

TOTAL: Almost 61.7M. Ten times the population in 100 years using the same amount of water. Why don’t the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature see this and recognize that water is about the most precious finite resource in the southwest? Why doesn’t Gov. Doug Ducey care?

This is what happens when you have unsustainable growth led by the Realtor and Construction Industries that manipulate their data to prove the very low bar that all their new developments will have 100 years of water.

Right now, Lake Mead, according to KOLD’s broadcast during the week of 06/07/21 in Tucson, is at 37%. Passing it as I drove back from Las Vegas, I saw how low it is.

This urban sprawl, combined with climate change and a super drought, have given us a major water crisis.

Working with the other states and federal government to develop pipelines from areas with more water into Arizona and the Southwest would solve our problems. Developing a new Colorado Protocol and convincing California to go the desalinization route would help as well.

Joel John wants to make life easier for agriculture only because he is involved in agriculture personally. Without sustainable water, agriculture dies, as does the future of Arizona. What is he doing? Nothing, because he doesn’t know what to do, nor does he seem to care.

It’s time to replace “one-trick pony” Joel John in LD4 with a representative ready to tackle Arizona’s water crisis with proposed legislation his first week in office. LD4 and Arizona deserve Aram Katz in the Arizona House.

Please support Aram Katz by signing his petition to get him on the 2022 ballot: https://apps.azsos.gov/apps/election/eps/op/

Please support the Katz for AZ House Campaign by contributing to ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

Thank you for reading. Let’s work together to solve all of Arizona’s impeding issues and problems.

Published by Katz4AZHouse

I am running as a Democrat for the Arizona State House for LD4

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