#10: Everywhere around the world, they’re looking at America

Please reflect on the photo above. As my wife and I work through the Green Card process to get her here, I am drawn to this picture. People all around the world. In Cuba. In Iran. In Venezuela. In Hong Kong. People marching and protesting for democracy, voting, freedom, and opportunity. See the symbol they use, the one symbol recognized worldwide that represents the life people will protest, fight, and die to obtain for themselves.

They are using us. Our example. Our freedoms. Our system. We, as Americans, represent the best of what the world has to offer. We stumble, we fall, and sometimes we fail miserably to live up to the expectation the world sees in us and we see in ourselves. We aren’t perfect, though we do air our dirty laundry for the world to see.

We have made major mistakes in our history, both inside and outside the country. . .to both Americans and foreigners. We haven’t always been on the right side of history, but still. . .look at the symbol being used in protests around the world.

As my campaign homepage says: I am proud to be an American, having lived in countries where civil rights and voting rights are subject to whim. And when my country is wrong, I have the power to fight back through protesting, through direct action, and through the ballot box.

This is the reason, in my Platform and Postitions, when it comes to voting rights, I state without reservation: “Voting and redistricting laws in Arizona work and one, the redistricting law, has been declared the model to follow by the Supreme Court of the United States. I support all existing laws as changing them is a solution looking for a problem.”

We need easier ways for Americans to vote, not stricter hurdles. We need MORE people, not less. As Harry Chapin said: “If a man tried to take his time on Earth and prove before he dies what one man’s life would be worth, I wonder what you happen to this world.”

Aram Katz supports making it easier for all people to vote and restricting no one from this fundamental American right, including those who have served time. It’s what makes us American. It’s what makes us completely free as people. The power of our voice to be heard.

Again, look at the photo. That’s our flag they are flying to protest for freedom and liberty. As a social studies teacher, as an Arizonan, as an American, I cannot feel more proud to know our flag and our country the symbol worldwide protesters use when they think of freedom and liberty.

Our journey is an incomplete one. Let’s continue our journey together. Let’s elect Aram Katz to the Arizona State House of Representatives in 2022 for legislative district four. Let’s make Arizona the leader that the US follows for good, practical government, as the US is the leader the world follows when looking for their freedom and liberty.

Please sign my petition to put me on the 2022 ballot: https://go.azsos.gov/qx7g

Please donate to my ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

Published by Katz4AZHouse

I am running as a Democrat for the Arizona State House for LD4

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