13: Biden Wins Arizona (again); Republicans Prove Biden Got Even More Votes

You all read this right. Biden won Arizona (again) and the Republican #fraudit proved he won with even more votes.

This only cost Arizona taxpayers $6 million, according to Republican magazine Forbes*

Imagine if we had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate where this wouldn’t happen because Democrats didn’t fall for the “Big Lie” and didn’t do things to appease their fringe right wing voters.

This also will cost us more than the $6 million for the audit, as now Arizona will have to purchase all new voting machines since the ones used in this #fraudit have been decertified, meaning they cannot be used again.

Arizona deserves better. Arizona deserves elected officials that will fight for what is important (balanced tax policies, fully funded education, police/prison reform, a stronger social safety net, better health plans for all Arizonans, stronger environmental laws, and a water policy that addresses the biggest threat to Arizona’s progress) and not fight to validate the ego of a former president that has lost the 2020 election at least 80 times now.

In November of 2022, we, in LD4, must make the right choice. We must elect Aram Katz to the Arizona House. Everything stated in the paragraph above that Arizona elected officials should fight for are things Mr. Katz has fought for his entire life, starting when his parents took him canvassing in 1984 for the Mondale/Ferraro ticket.

Link to Mr. Katz’s Actblue page to donate: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

Link to Mr. Katz’s petition to get him on the ballot: https://go.azsos.gov/pzgd

Link to the Forbes article quoted earlier: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2021/09/24/arizona-audit-cost-trump-supporters-nearly-6-million-only-to-assert-biden-won-by-even-more/?sh=794905302410

Published by Katz4AZHouse

I am running as a Democrat for the Arizona State House for LD4

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