#3. Attacking Teachers with Fines

On May 5th, 1925, science teacher John Scopes was arrested for violating Tennessee’s newly passed Butler Act, making the teaching of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution a criminal act. The trial, known as the Scopes Monkey Trial, gained worldwide attention as all eyes turned to a small courthouse in Dayton, TN. Two legal giants, former threeContinue reading “#3. Attacking Teachers with Fines”

#2: Warfare on American streets; NRA style

As I write this, there have been six mass shootings over the weekend of May 22nd and May 23rd of 2021. Six. Mass. Shootings. Six of them. And where is Joel John when it comes to this issue of guns and their mass-proliferation of them on our streets? Silent as always, because, according to hisContinue reading “#2: Warfare on American streets; NRA style”

#1. Arizona faces numerous problems

One part of being a social studies teacher is one needs to keep up on local, state, and national issues, debates, and legislation so the teacher can effectively teach the how and why something is being proposed or debated. As I watch the legislature in Phoenix, I’ve come to a realization that if I wantContinue reading “#1. Arizona faces numerous problems”