13: Biden Wins Arizona (again); Republicans Prove Biden Got Even More Votes

You all read this right. Biden won Arizona (again) and the Republican #fraudit proved he won with even more votes. Imagine if we had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate where this wouldn’t happen because Democrats didn’t fall for the “Big Lie” and didn’t do things to appease their fringe right wing voters.Continue reading “13: Biden Wins Arizona (again); Republicans Prove Biden Got Even More Votes”

12. Homage with Limited Comment

I grew up in the Catskill Mountains, coming to Arizona in 1997. I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out this happened. Tonight, please hug your children, kiss your spouse or partner if you aren’t married, thank a veteran, and shake the hands of those that wouldContinue reading “12. Homage with Limited Comment”

#11. Is COVID19 anti-science the hill Arizona Republicans want to die on?

We had a massive uptick last year, we’re seeing another now. Now that we have vaccines and science has proven masks help (but don’t completely) stop the spread of this completely preventable disease (just like safer sex helps stop the spread of the completely preventable diseases of HIV and AIDS), Republicans in Arizona have decidedContinue reading “#11. Is COVID19 anti-science the hill Arizona Republicans want to die on?”

#10: Everywhere around the world, they’re looking at America

Please reflect on the photo above. As my wife and I work through the Green Card process to get her here, I am drawn to this picture. People all around the world. In Cuba. In Iran. In Venezuela. In Hong Kong. People marching and protesting for democracy, voting, freedom, and opportunity. See the symbol theyContinue reading “#10: Everywhere around the world, they’re looking at America”

#9: Joel John and the Amazing Teacher Gag Vote

So now it is illegal in Arizona to teach Critical Race Theory (another name for “The Truth, even if it Hurts”). I can see a classroom 50 years from now. Let’s listen in to a conversation between a Teacher and a Student in the year 2071: Student: Mr Jones, in the Constitution, Article 1, Section2,Continue reading “#9: Joel John and the Amazing Teacher Gag Vote”

#7. Arizona Wants to Bring Back Gas Chambers

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/may/28/arizona-gas-chamber-executions-documents As my political position says, “Arizona should not take from a person something it cannot give back.” Once you execute someone, if evidence arises that they were completely innocent, Arizona can’t resurrect them. Now, Arizona wants to bring back a form of capital punishment Nazi Germany used famously, even using the same compounds. ItContinue reading “#7. Arizona Wants to Bring Back Gas Chambers”

#6: Briefly, on remembering the Tulsa Massacre

On this day of remembrance of the worst massacre of African-Americans in US history, I call on people to remember three other events: The Waco Lynching of 1915 of Jesse WashingtonThe execution of the youngest person in the 20th century, George Stinney JrAnd the worst attack on a African-American child in the 20th century inContinue reading “#6: Briefly, on remembering the Tulsa Massacre”

#5. Remembering Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, I reflect on the liberties and freedoms all Americans are granted: Freedom of speech freedom to vote freedom to practice or not to practice religion freedom to criticize all levels of government freedom to protest things that you do criticize freedom to change the government on election day freedom to readContinue reading “#5. Remembering Memorial Day”

#4. Health Care from other countries

I’ve lived in three other countries in my life. Let me describe my experiences with you when dealing with the health care industry in those countries: South Korea: I pinched a nerve in my lower back. I took my “alien registration card,” my passport and had an ambulance take me to the local private hospitalContinue reading “#4. Health Care from other countries”