Platform and Positions

EducationBeing a teacher/administrator for the last 15 years in four countries, I have seen the best and worst in educational ideas.  
Schools need to be properly funding with funding that is not based on the value of land, whether or not people smoke, buy lottery tickets, or gamble.  Funding must be public and equal from taxes in multiple sources.  I support updating requirements for teacher certification to open more people to the profession. 
Finally, I support fully ending the use of corporal punishment use in all schools K-12 within the borders of Arizona by immediately proposing legislation to eliminate ARS 15-843.
Health CareI support giving all Arizonans the same health insurance plan the Governor of the state has, irrelevant of age, work status, or employment.  This should be available to all residents of Arizona after residency and citizenship requirements are met.
ImmigrationImmigration is a federal issue, even though we have a border with Mexico.  With that said, I will propose legislation empowering the Arizona DES to audit businesses to determine the eligibility to work legally of all employees. 
EnvironmentI support all current environmental laws, and would propose strengthening any laws to update them to current conditions as needed on a case-by-case basis.
TaxationArizona needs jobs.  The State should do everything possible to attract these much-needed jobs.  Businesses will re-locate to places that have a low business tax rate and an educated workforce that can do the jobs.
Police ReformI believe police must be held to the highest of standards due to the power and authority given to them with their position and their AZPOST certification. Respect between law enforcement and the communities they serve must be enhanced and reinforced.
Prison ReformI do not believe the State should have the power to take away from a person something it does not have the power to give it back.
VotingVoting and redistricting laws in Arizona work and one, the redistricting law, has been declared the model to follow by the Supreme Court of the United States.  I support all existing laws as changing them is a solution looking for a problem.
Native American IssuesI believe in complete native American sovereignty, as well as honoring all native American water rights and borders.
InsuranceI am completely against using credit ratings to set auto insurance rates for people.
Universities and CollegesI believe low-income and middle-income community college students who wish to transfer to a four year in-state public university should be fully subsidized by the state of Arizona.
Executive ordersI am against any destruction of the power of the Legislature as stated in Article One of the United States Constitution. 
Initiative and ReferendumI support, even if I disagree with the result, the will of the voter on any voter passed laws through election, whether the legislature agrees or not.
Usury LawsI will propose legislation to empower Arizona courts to deny any judgment and/or void any lawsuit in the State of Arizona for any contractual debt or obligation where the contracted interest rate exceeds 36% APR.
Government SpendingI will propose legislation requiring all state agencies to submit to an audit every year and enforce “zero based budgeting,” where all state agencies need to justify their budgets each fiscal year.
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