13: Biden Wins Arizona (again); Republicans Prove Biden Got Even More Votes

You all read this right. Biden won Arizona (again) and the Republican #fraudit proved he won with even more votes.

This only cost Arizona taxpayers $6 million, according to Republican magazine Forbes*

Imagine if we had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate where this wouldn’t happen because Democrats didn’t fall for the “Big Lie” and didn’t do things to appease their fringe right wing voters.

This also will cost us more than the $6 million for the audit, as now Arizona will have to purchase all new voting machines since the ones used in this #fraudit have been decertified, meaning they cannot be used again.

Arizona deserves better. Arizona deserves elected officials that will fight for what is important (balanced tax policies, fully funded education, police/prison reform, a stronger social safety net, better health plans for all Arizonans, stronger environmental laws, and a water policy that addresses the biggest threat to Arizona’s progress) and not fight to validate the ego of a former president that has lost the 2020 election at least 80 times now.

In November of 2022, we, in LD4, must make the right choice. We must elect Aram Katz to the Arizona House. Everything stated in the paragraph above that Arizona elected officials should fight for are things Mr. Katz has fought for his entire life, starting when his parents took him canvassing in 1984 for the Mondale/Ferraro ticket.

Link to Mr. Katz’s Actblue page to donate: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

Link to Mr. Katz’s petition to get him on the ballot: https://go.azsos.gov/pzgd

Link to the Forbes article quoted earlier: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2021/09/24/arizona-audit-cost-trump-supporters-nearly-6-million-only-to-assert-biden-won-by-even-more/?sh=794905302410

12. Homage with Limited Comment

I grew up in the Catskill Mountains, coming to Arizona in 1997. I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out this happened.

Tonight, please hug your children, kiss your spouse or partner if you aren’t married, thank a veteran, and shake the hands of those that would give their lives to save and protect yours.

There is no campaign request for donation or signatures. It’s just one American remembering that awful morning with all other Americans. The TV Show Becker had a fantastic eulogy for what happened. Courtesy of YouTube, please watch and reflect.

Thank you for reading.

#11. Is COVID19 anti-science the hill Arizona Republicans want to die on?

We had a massive uptick last year, we’re seeing another now. Now that we have vaccines and science has proven masks help (but don’t completely) stop the spread of this completely preventable disease (just like safer sex helps stop the spread of the completely preventable diseases of HIV and AIDS), Republicans in Arizona have decided to fall in line with every anti-vax and knee-jerk conspiracy theory.

I would ask them to stop, but as Sun Tzu said in his book “The Art of War,” all I can say officially is “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Republicans can continue this, as Joel John follows his party. Arizonans in LD4 deserve better than Joel John. We deserve Aram Katz in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Please sign my petition to put me on the 2022 ballot: https://go.azsos.gov/qx7g

Please donate to my ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

#10: Everywhere around the world, they’re looking at America

Please reflect on the photo above. As my wife and I work through the Green Card process to get her here, I am drawn to this picture. People all around the world. In Cuba. In Iran. In Venezuela. In Hong Kong. People marching and protesting for democracy, voting, freedom, and opportunity. See the symbol they use, the one symbol recognized worldwide that represents the life people will protest, fight, and die to obtain for themselves.

They are using us. Our example. Our freedoms. Our system. We, as Americans, represent the best of what the world has to offer. We stumble, we fall, and sometimes we fail miserably to live up to the expectation the world sees in us and we see in ourselves. We aren’t perfect, though we do air our dirty laundry for the world to see.

We have made major mistakes in our history, both inside and outside the country. . .to both Americans and foreigners. We haven’t always been on the right side of history, but still. . .look at the symbol being used in protests around the world.

As my campaign homepage says: I am proud to be an American, having lived in countries where civil rights and voting rights are subject to whim. And when my country is wrong, I have the power to fight back through protesting, through direct action, and through the ballot box.

This is the reason, in my Platform and Postitions, when it comes to voting rights, I state without reservation: “Voting and redistricting laws in Arizona work and one, the redistricting law, has been declared the model to follow by the Supreme Court of the United States. I support all existing laws as changing them is a solution looking for a problem.”

We need easier ways for Americans to vote, not stricter hurdles. We need MORE people, not less. As Harry Chapin said: “If a man tried to take his time on Earth and prove before he dies what one man’s life would be worth, I wonder what you happen to this world.”

Aram Katz supports making it easier for all people to vote and restricting no one from this fundamental American right, including those who have served time. It’s what makes us American. It’s what makes us completely free as people. The power of our voice to be heard.

Again, look at the photo. That’s our flag they are flying to protest for freedom and liberty. As a social studies teacher, as an Arizonan, as an American, I cannot feel more proud to know our flag and our country the symbol worldwide protesters use when they think of freedom and liberty.

Our journey is an incomplete one. Let’s continue our journey together. Let’s elect Aram Katz to the Arizona State House of Representatives in 2022 for legislative district four. Let’s make Arizona the leader that the US follows for good, practical government, as the US is the leader the world follows when looking for their freedom and liberty.

Please sign my petition to put me on the 2022 ballot: https://go.azsos.gov/qx7g

Please donate to my ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

#9: Joel John and the Amazing Teacher Gag Vote

So now it is illegal in Arizona to teach Critical Race Theory (another name for “The Truth, even if it Hurts”). I can see a classroom 50 years from now. Let’s listen in to a conversation between a Teacher and a Student in the year 2071:

Student: Mr Jones, in the Constitution, Article 1, Section2, Paragraph 3 refers to “three fifths of all other persons”. Who were these “other persons”?

Teacher: That is a good question, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to answer it.

Student: The 13th Amendment to the Constitution outlaws slavery. It was ratified into law in 1865. Does that mean there was slavery in the United States before 1865? Who were the slaves?

Teacher: That is a good question, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to answer it.

Student: The 2nd clause of the 14th Amendment changed Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 by taking away the “three fifths of all other persons” clause. What happened to all those people?

Teacher: That is a good question, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to answer it.

Student: The first paragraph of the 15th Amendment says that people shall have the right to vote regardless of their race, color or previous condition of servitude. What did they mean by that?

Teacher: That is a good question, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to answer it.

Student: Why did the Southern States secede from the Union?

Teacher: That is a good question, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to answer it.

Student: Why was the Civil War fought?

Teacher: That is a good question. The North was fighting to preserve the Union, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to say why the South fought it.

Student: I read something about a massacre that took place right here in Arizona in 1871 outside a place called “Camp Grant”. Can you tell us about it?

Teacher: That is a good question, but unfortunately Arizona law forbids me to answer it.

And the list of topics the teacher is forbidden by law to teach about goes on and on and on and on….. And you thought the Scopes Monkey Trial was just a historical event!

Thank you, Mr. John, certified teacher, for your vote enabling the thought police in Arizona.

#8. Arizona’s Water Problem

The seven state Colorado Protocol was signed in 1922. Let’s look at the population of all seven states in the 1920 census:

AZ: 340K

CA: 3.4M

NV: 77.5K

NM: 360K

CO: 940K

UT: 450K

WY: 195K

TOTAL: Almost 5.8M.

Let’s look at the population of the 2020 census:

AZ: 7.2M

CA: 39.6M

NV: 3.1M

NM: 2.1M

CO: 5.8M

UT: 3.3M

WY: 576K

TOTAL: Almost 61.7M. Ten times the population in 100 years using the same amount of water. Why don’t the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature see this and recognize that water is about the most precious finite resource in the southwest? Why doesn’t Gov. Doug Ducey care?

This is what happens when you have unsustainable growth led by the Realtor and Construction Industries that manipulate their data to prove the very low bar that all their new developments will have 100 years of water.

Right now, Lake Mead, according to KOLD’s broadcast during the week of 06/07/21 in Tucson, is at 37%. Passing it as I drove back from Las Vegas, I saw how low it is.

This urban sprawl, combined with climate change and a super drought, have given us a major water crisis.

Working with the other states and federal government to develop pipelines from areas with more water into Arizona and the Southwest would solve our problems. Developing a new Colorado Protocol and convincing California to go the desalinization route would help as well.

Joel John wants to make life easier for agriculture only because he is involved in agriculture personally. Without sustainable water, agriculture dies, as does the future of Arizona. What is he doing? Nothing, because he doesn’t know what to do, nor does he seem to care.

It’s time to replace “one-trick pony” Joel John in LD4 with a representative ready to tackle Arizona’s water crisis with proposed legislation his first week in office. LD4 and Arizona deserve Aram Katz in the Arizona House.

Please support Aram Katz by signing his petition to get him on the 2022 ballot: https://apps.azsos.gov/apps/election/eps/op/

Please support the Katz for AZ House Campaign by contributing to ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022

Thank you for reading. Let’s work together to solve all of Arizona’s impeding issues and problems.

#7. Arizona Wants to Bring Back Gas Chambers


As my political position says, “Arizona should not take from a person something it cannot give back.” Once you execute someone, if evidence arises that they were completely innocent, Arizona can’t resurrect them.

Now, Arizona wants to bring back a form of capital punishment Nazi Germany used famously, even using the same compounds.

It is time Arizona joined the civilized world and stopped this barbaric practice of capital punishment, which is something Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and China love using. Maybe we, as Arizonans and Americans, shouldn’t be in the same list as some of the most brutal, dictatorial, and despotic regimes in the world.

#6: Briefly, on remembering the Tulsa Massacre

On this day of remembrance of the worst massacre of African-Americans in US history, I call on people to remember three other events:

The Waco Lynching of 1915 of Jesse Washington
The execution of the youngest person in the 20th century, George Stinney Jr
And the worst attack on a African-American child in the 20th century in the murder of Emmett Till

African-Americans have been brutalized for decades and this needs to stop. Brutalization isn’t just physical violence, but economic violence with “red-lining,” social violence in the stereotypes used for African-Americans (some that African-Americans put on themselves), and legal violence in the police brutality/longer sentences for African-Americans convicted for the same crimes as their white counterparts.

We should never forget these or any act of brutality against any group of Americans. As Ozzy Osbourne said in “Crazy Train;”

Maybe it’s not too late/To learn how to love/And forget how to hate.

#5. Remembering Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, I reflect on the liberties and freedoms all Americans are granted:

Freedom of speech

freedom to vote

freedom to practice or not to practice religion

freedom to criticize all levels of government

freedom to protest things that you do criticize

freedom to change the government on election day

freedom to read news that is not censored or filtered by government

freedom to do on the internet things that are not illegal and not worry about a governmental firewall stopping you

freedom to choose your life and what you want to do with it

freedom of economic mobility

freedom to be who you are which laws forcing you into the closest freedom of due process of law if accused of a crime

I’ve lived in countries where some, if not all, of these freedoms are pipe dreams. Malaysia has a national religion (Islam), as does Thailand (Buddhism). To criticize or question them can land you in prison.

South Korea has a been moving in the right direction, but since Lee Myung Bak (who Koreans I knew living there called Lee Myung Bush), the country has been tilting towards making Christianity a state religion.

I will not go into China, since we know none of those freedoms exist there and few people I know they (including my wife) don’t see the problem. Judaism isn’t one of the six recognized religions, so if I went to the Chabad House in Shanghai, my wife would be forbidden to enter because she doesn’t have a foreign passport.

As I reflect on the freedoms I gave up living overseas, I come to realize that while we do have our flaws and problems (as all countries do), I do love my country and what it is supposed to be and stand for internationally. I expect some arguments which I accept, but I truly believe in my heart that we are that example, willing to expose our dirty laundry to the entire world, show our faults and our strengths, and always work to overcome them.

Those we remember on Memorial Day embody that. Those we look to for defense and protection (no, not you police agencies) are truly the ones who are the best among us. We owe them everything and they should be given everything we, as a people, can give because of what they are willing to give up: Their lives.

This Memorial Day, I ask all Americans, to truly dedicate it to those who have served, alive or dead. My brother served for years and lost friends in wars overseas. One of my good friends visited the grave of his son who contracted cancer while on deployment and died fourteen years ago just two months after his 22nd birthday.

These are the true role models. The 58,000 names on the Vietnam War Memorial. The 351,000 lost being the original ANTIFA and fighting Hitler, Mussolini, and Imperial Japan. The 21,000 killed in Korea. Iraq01. Afghanistan. Iraq02.

We are at our best when those that served and lived are taken care of completely. . .and those that fought and died are honored completely.

Have a great Memorial Day wherever you all live. Thank an active duty GI. Thank a veteran. Remember those who never came home.

Aram S. Katz


Arizona House of Representatives

Legislative District #4.

#4. Health Care from other countries

I’ve lived in three other countries in my life. Let me describe my experiences with you when dealing with the health care industry in those countries:

South Korea: I pinched a nerve in my lower back. I took my “alien registration card,” my passport and had an ambulance take me to the local private hospital about two miles from my apartment in Suji. I spent three days in the hospital with three squares a day, physical therapy, private room, and a private nurse. Their single-payer health care cost me, in American money, about $15. The post hospital brand name medication prescribed to me cost $3 out of pocket. No health care rationing as Republicans say, no “bringing your own toilet paper” as AM Radio liked to say, no government oversight or approval of anything. I worked solely with my doctor.

China: I got gallstones. Went to the hospital with my wife. My father-in-law drove. This isn’t a huge city like Shanghai. This is a fourth tier city: Danyang. Give a shot of Demerol to kill the pain, CAT Scan, private consultation with the doctor, and a prescription of pain killer if the pain should come back. Out of pocket: Less than $100. Jiangsu government paid the rest.

Malaysia: I was stung by a mosquito and contracted Dengue Fever when living in Petaling Jaya, just outside Kuala Lumpur. Four days in a hospital, IVs, fluid, medication, prescriptions and follow-up care. Total out of pocket: $35. No government interference, not health insurance approval needed. Just go, get taken care of immediately, go home.

USA: I developed sleep apena and needed a sleep study. Contacted my primary care as a gatekeeper and had to wait seven weeks to see the PCP. I then needed to wait and get approval from health insurance company for the sleep study. That took two weeks. Got the approval, waited four weeks for the results and the doctor’s recommendation for the CPAP. Needed to wait for the health insurance company to approve, which took another three weeks. Then had to wait two weeks to have the device company contact me. Then had to wait another week for the device to finally arrive. Got the bill before the CPAP even arrived.

Please explain to me how our health care is the best in the world. In third world nations, you meet with the doctor, get the work done, get healthy, and go home. You pay some, but it’s fast, efficient, and customer service based. Here. . .it took fifteen weeks to do a simply sleep study.

Joel John supports this because insurance companies make huge profits on human misery and support people like Mr. John to keep the broken system the same, and people like Mr. John, who are bought and paid for by these industries, will turn a blind eye to the abuses and inefficiency that break the system even worse. It leads one to a logical question: How can a country that has four times the population and 1/3 the doctors have a more efficient system of medical care than we do in the “wealthiest country in the history of the world?”

District Four and Arizona deserves someone who will fight Big Pharma, Big Medical companies, and Big Insurance to make them more responsive to people and not profits. Arizonans deserve the same health care plan the governor has simply because we are the boss and its our tax dollars that pay for his health care. Arizonans deserve better medical care so people can work more with their doctors and less with insurance companies. The 9th amendment states that people have more rights than the ones listed in the Bills of Rights. Health Care is a right of all people.

Aram Katz believes this and will fight to make sure all Arizonans have the same medical plan the governor of the state has.

Help put Aram Katz in the State House in November 2022. Contribute to the campaign so we can run Arizona right at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aram2022 and sign the petition to put Aram Katz on the 2022 ballot at https://go.azsos.gov/pzgd.

Thank you for reading and supporting Katz For House.